European Strategic Cluster Partnership for Going International

Space4Globe aims to develop and implement joint internationalisation strategies to support SME internationalisation towards third countries.

Building on the experience as ESCP-4i SPACE2ID, we hereby aim to support Space Service Providers and Application Developers to directly address the huge economic potential within EU Member States.

The participating clusters in the SPACE2ID project committed to work on a joint internationalisation strategy and implementation roadmap when they became a European Strategic Cluster Partnership – Going International (ESCP-4i) in February 2016. Moreover, they have also decided to build a wider alliance named Space4Globe. This alliance wants to be a framework for joint innovation, collaborative projects and other collaborations, further to the international affairs targeted as ESCP-4i.

We intensify Cluster and business network collaboration between Space Clusters and Clusters in other sectors internationally by establishing an ESCP in order to support the internationalisation of its SME members.

If you are interested, please contact: